Sunday, July 02, 2006

July Recipe

It's July 2nd, and I'm essentially done with this month's pages! Unfortunately, I only had enough ribbon for 3 pages, but otherwise they're done. So in the next day or two I'll get the ribbon (or maybe Chris will be nice and pick it up for me- I gave him a scrap) and then finish them up. Unfortunately, I have no idea where my ribbon came from. Luckily I don't care if it matches perfectly or not, but there are 4 or 5 stores it could have come from. And of course not all of them carry the same ribbon selections.

I also have some other recipe ideas, so depending on how motivated I am, I may make a bonus page for the month. And to round out my creativity this weekend, I also made a card and the covers for my recipe album. Really simple, but I'll spiff it up with some ribbons on the binding. I'll try to get a picture of that soon.

And in other news, the garden is finished! All the walls are in, dirt is more or less leveled, a few trellises are up, and all the plants and seeds are planted. Being that it's July, not sure how everything will do, but we're hoping for the best. And next year it will just be that much better. Now I just need to get out there and start doing some weeding already.


Michelle said...

Too cute! I love it.

Brittany's Corner said...

love the page. It is pretty. I am waiting on two ladies, and then I will be mailing them out!!! YEAH!

~Mel said...

This is very cute!! Great job and it looks like it was pretty quick & easy.

Can't wait to see your storage for all the pages.

Vanessa B. said...

Love the page! Your blog has been cracking me up. Your garden is awesome. I have dreams of being a gardener one day - especially since we actually have a garden - I just wish I knew what I was supposed to do with it. You are an inspiration! I would have guessed A&M, too. (: