Monday, July 10, 2006

Cow Parade

So Chris has been working on Boston Common since Thursday, loading in Taming of the Shrew. So yesterday I went down to join him for a picnic lunch. I was then thinking I would lay out on the grass for a bit, get bored, and go home. However, the library wasn’t open when I left, so I couldn’t pick up the book I had requested. And since I knew I would get bored just lying there, I decided to walk around for a bit. Boston is hosting a Cow Parade this summer, so I went in search of cows. I found 68 of them yesterday! (There are over 100.)
I walked a lot! And my body is complaining a bit today. To give you an idea of how much I walked, here was my route. (I’m sure Mel will definitely understand how far this was.)
Started off in the Common at the corner of Charles and Beacon. Wandered through the Public Garden for a little while and then walked down Boylston to Mass Ave. Walked On Mass Ave over to Huntingdon, then down Huntingdon to Dartmouth, then over to Newbury. Left on Newbury back up to Mass Ave, and then back down Newbury. Was then going to go up and down Comm Ave, but my flip-flops had been rubbing the skin on my toes a bit raw, so headed back to the Common to get some band-aids from Chris. Got there a bit before their afternoon break, so sat around for about 45 min-an hour.

Then after their break, I walked through the Common towards the State House. Then down Park Street and into Downtown Crossing. Through Downtown Crossing over to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market and then on Long Wharf and the Aquarium, and then over to the North End. From there, went to Government Center, and then back to the Common, down Tremont, and over on Charles back to Chris.

To give a sense of timing, I started my walking adventure around 1:30, and ended up my day at 6:30. Probably would have been up for even more walking had it not been for the pain in my toes. Next time I do this (and I’m thinking next weekend I may need to find more cows) I’m wearing better shoes.

Here are some of my favorites

Vincent’s Cow
Street Cow Named Desire
Moo-rathon Runner on Cow-moo-nwealth Ave.
Cow of Many Colors
Hey Diddle Diddle


~Mel said...

This is fantastic! I'd love to walk around the city and find the others. We'll have to see what this weekend holds. But here's the link to the whole thing:

I love the Moo-rathon Cow!

~Mel said...

And yes, you did A TON of walking! But that's the best way to see the city if you're able to walk around (we had a pregnant lady with us who wouldn't have been able to do that)

Brittany's Corner said...

I love this!!! I wish I were there to do some of that walking. I don't know if I could of handled 5 hours, but I would have tried!!

Those cows are amazing. I have to admit that when you were talking about seeing 68 cows...I thought you were seeing the REAL kind of cows. I was in a non-stop laugh when I saw the pictures....then I thought HOW STUPID OF ME!!!! Hope you find more over the weekend!

Christine R said...

Wow. Love the first and the second cows! I would love to see your page when your done scrappin' them. Your walking sounds like lots of fun! Boston has got to be so nice this time of year!